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J. Christof
Top Quality due to
Many Years of Experience
Highly Qualified
Unsurpassed Flexibility &
Adherence to Agreed Delivery Deadlines

J. Christof d.o.o. Beograd (JCS)

At JCS, the years of experience of J.Christof encounters local knowhow. This is how we are able to rapidly react to various legal requirements and national particularities. JCS utilizes this strength primarily for international projects, e.g. in North Africa or in the Middle East.

Many years of experience in plant construction

Flexibility and expertise in the implementation of local requirements

Highly qualified and committed specialists

International orientation and local expertise

JCS is distinguished by a pool of highly qualified specialists. We build on strong partnerships between the experienced management team at J.Christof and local specialists. This is how we implement sophisticated projects in the area of pipeline and plant construction, tank construction, and in the area of shutdown and service activities to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

Our Services for You

Preparation of project tenders

Ongoing maintenance, servicing, and repairs for industrial plants

Pipeline construction

Plant construction and industrial services in North Africa

Servicing of refineries

Shutdowns of refineries

Highly qualified welding technicians

Preparation and support during commissioning

Technical documentation