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J.Christof now looks back at a long history.
More than 50 years ago, veteran Styrian businessman, Johann Christof Sr., founded the company, IRB Idustrie-Rohrbau.
Thanks to smart investments, farsighted decisions, and strategic acquisitions, this developed into a global corporate group, the Christof Group. In 2018, the owners decided to focus on the competencies of their companies.
The specialists for plant construction and high-quality industrial services were bundled into J.Christof. This is how the range of services of this group can be expanded and their global lead position broadened.

Company History in Figures


Initial founding of the company
by Johann Christof Sr.


Founding of JCH, J. Christof GmbH


Founding of a company for the provision of manpower,
RIA Rohr- und Industrieanlagenbau GmbH


Founding of Christof Holding AG


Founding of JCS, J. Christof d.o.o. Beograd,
Support center for activities in North Africa and the Middle East


Founding of JCDA, J. Christof Anlagenbau GmbH,
Leading experts for professional management and implementation of shutdowns


Founding of JCH-Slo d.o.o.,
Central prefabrication facility in the heart of Europe


Demerger of JCH and their subsidiaries from the Christof Group.
Founding of an independent group with emphasis on plant construction and industrial services under the name, “J.Christof”


Founding of the Russian subsidiary,
OOO J. Christof RU