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Oil and Gas

Get high-quality and dependable solutions for refineries and petrochemical plants under one roof. J.Christof offers a vast portfolio of services for midstream and downstream plants – from the installation of industrial plants to revamps and services and maintenance.

International Know-How and Solutions under One Roof

At J.Christof, we bundle the competencies of our subsidiaries and are therefore the number 1 point of contact for the oil and gas industry. You get high-quality solutions around the design, installation of pipeline systems, planning and construction of industrial plants, as well as maintenance concepts. Our outstanding welding technicians and internationally experienced project managers ensure that our projects are implemented on schedule and reliably with the highest level of quality.

Industrial Services for Refineries

Rotating plant components and sophisticated pipeline systems are essential elements for functioning plants, especially in the oil and gas industry. J.Christof offers specialized industrial services and installation services according to these requirements. Allow yourself to benefit from the many years of experience of J.Christof in the implementation of refinery shutdowns, oil field repairs, and plant renovations. In addition, we provide the assurance that your refinery functions efficiently and reliably for the long-term by undertaking the ongoing maintenance and servicing of the plants.

Our Scope of Services

Project Planning and Coordination for Projects in the Oil and Gas Industry

Pipeline Construction

Delivery, manufacturing, and installation of pipelines

In the course of plant revamps or new construction of production plants

Plant Construction

Heavy Installations

Assembly and installation of plant components

Fine adjustment of plant components

Disassembly and reassembly

Liquidation of plant components or entire plants

Shutdown Services and Shutdown Activities

Planning and implementation of your shutdowns

Preparation of safety concepts

Repair and installation work on columns, heat exchangers, tanks, fittings, and I&C system facilities

Cranes, transport vehicles, bundle pullers, etc.

Material procurement


Maintenance and Servicing

Service and repair on dynamic and static plant equipment, tanks or tank facilities

Repairs or new pipe installation of process furnaces

Engineering and Documentation

Updating inventory documentation

Generation of isometrics

Surveying, verifying, and preparing plant data for recurring tests, wall thickness measurements, etc.

Framework agreements for


Rotating plant components

Mechanical maintenance

Boiler services

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