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Boiler Inspections

J.Christof offers preparatory planning and manufacturing of individual power plant components to mechanical commissioning of boiler plants – all under one roof. Regardless if in the area of boiler repairs in the event of a malfunction, preventative servicing or when replacing individual plant components – our experienced project management and specialists will impress through their efficient work with superb quality.

Industrial services for boilers, power plant components, and more

Especially after unplanned malfunctions or accidents, such as plant fires, operation should be reassumed as quickly as possible. Professionals with many years of experience and skilled specialists are sought after. We undertake the renovation and repair of your boilers and other power plant components, and help to make your power plant operational again.

Through preventative care, unplanned and costly malfunctions of power plants can be avoided. Regular component and general overhauls to supply and disposal facilities in the course of servicing processes are therefore economically sensible. To ensure that they are settled smoothly and on schedule, we are available with our qualified and industry-experienced specialists.

Our Services

Design and planning

Detail engineering

Mechanical disassembly and installation

Support with re-commissioning

Delivery of defective boiler components and apparatuses

Plant transfers

Renovation and repair of creep damaged plant components in the course of servicing activities

New installation of entire supply and disposal facilities

Complete pipeline construction (high-pressure pipelines)

Modernizations, major overhauls, and shutdowns

Welding-related advice by our experienced specialists

Special welding processes, such as orbital welding


Boiler Disassembly and Hot Water Pipe Installation

Client: Merkscha veneer plant

For the Merschka veneer plant, the existing hot water boiler was replaced and furnished with new pipelines. The particular challenge of installing the new hot water boiler above the roof of the veneer plant was able to be overcome with distinction by our experienced specialists at J.Christof within a short time.

Our Services

  • Existing chain conveyor / discharge chute supported with steel structure
  • Installation of the hot water boiler
  • Hot water boiler piping in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Manufacturing and installation of platforms, stairs, ladders, and railings
  • Insulation of the pipelines
  • Technical documentation

Installation of an Exhaust Gas Boiler Plant at the Jura-Cement Factories at the Wildegg Plant

Client: Josef Bertsch Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG Bludenz

This project was implemented at the premises of the Jura-Cement plant of a prominent Swiss construction material supplier and, in addition to the boiler installation, also included the installation of equipment, pipelines, and measurement stations. Apart from their high level of technical competence, the team from J.Christof also demonstrated a broad lack of fear of heights – in the course of the boiler installation, four large heat exchanger bundles had to be lifted to lofty heights onto the roof of a production hall by means of a 500 ton automatic telescopic crane for the waste heat recovery boiler plant.

Our Services

Installation of a boiler plant consisting of:

  • Boiler installation
  • Equipment
  • Pipelines
  • Measurement station construction

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