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Iron and Steel Industry

Plants in the metal-producing and metalworking industry require sound knowledge of special welding processes and stringent safety standards, which we bring into your project. J.Christof provides the engineering as well as the installation of preparation, production, and conveyor plants. Moreover, our range of services for the iron and steel industry include top-class industrial services around maintenance, mechanical servicing, as well as repairs to your blast furnaces, melting pots, and electro-slag remelting plants.

Flexible, Efficient, and Fast – Fully Operational for Your Industrial Plant

J.Christof has been active now for some years on the international market of the iron and steel industry. In particular, satisfied customers value the high level of flexibility and rapid response times of our committed team. Thus, you can rely on the dependability of J.Christof for your scheduled as well as unscheduled shutdowns. Thanks to our many years of experience, we implement large projects in plant construction or shutdowns efficiently and according to agreed delivery deadlines.

Our Scope of Services

Plant maintenance

Delivery and construction of pipeline systems

Delivery of various machine components

Crane rail replacement

Specific pipeline construction for energy companies

Repairs of blast furnaces, melting pots, and electro-slag remelting plants

Installation of water treatment plants

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