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Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Technology

Plants for manufacturing pharmaceuticals and laboratories for teaching and research purposes are of key significance for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. To ensure that these plants comply with stringent legal requirements and are simultaneously able to operate efficiently, strict quality requirements – primarily the GMP regulations – must be observed. These good manufacturing practice regulations serve the quality assurance of the production processes and the production environment. Even the smallest quality deviations with drugs and cosmetics can have direct impacts on the health of the consumers.

Strict Legal Standards Meet Stringent Quality Requirements

Through our top-qualified specialists and many years of experience, we carry out the design, the construction, and ongoing maintenance of your plant with the highest level of quality and on schedule. In doing so, we ensure compliance with GMP regulations and our own stringent quality requirements, through which we are distinguished on the market.

Our Scope of Services

Rough and detailed planning “black utilities”

Rough and detailed planning for non-impact, indirect impact utility (e.g. plant steam, control air, heating and cooling media, exhaust air and waste water systems, non-process-relevant auxiliary media)

Rough concept development

Diagrams, mass balances, layouts

Rough planning of systems for producing and/ or distributing “clean utilities”

Installation of “utility” systems

Installation of production and distribution systems (infrastructure)

E.g.: process gases (nitrogen, process air, and special gases), process solvents, purified water (various degrees), steam, cooling, and heating media, lab infrastructure (water, gas, etc.)

Coordination installation

Servicing and maintenance of “Utility” systems

Rough planning of production plants

Detailed planning of production plants

Pipe installation and connection to infrastructure systems

GMP-compliant detailed planning

Parts lists, layouts, and schematic diagrams, specification of systems and apparatuses, apparatus lists, etc.

Installation of process plants

Pipe installation

Welding tasks

Inspection and installation inspection

Installation and maintenance of process plants and “package units”

Individual qualification activities in DQ, IQ, OQ

Organization, planning, design of HVAC systems

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